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Posted on July 7, 2011 at 3:22 PM
Music n life,Music n love
Have you ever heard a song that reminds you of that special someone? Yeah we've all been there, you know that song that gives you goose bumps, makes you feel all warm inside, makes you wanna cry, makes you wanna do the impossible...yep just by hearing unconditional love by Jah Cure you immediately start to rock,  your heart melts and  makes way for that special smile for that oh so special someone. Music heals you puts you in a good mood. It gives you hope it relieves stress when you really begin to enjoy it. One thing for sure when it hits you feel no pain n you wish you could hold on to that song forever. Some songs are only for the hype and time while some songs can never grow old no matter what. Artist like Berris Hammond, Barrington Levy, The great Bob Marley, Buju Banton,Whitney Houston just to name a few can never ever get boring to me. Music is universal its the one thing that everyone understands and responds to in the same way...yep we get up and we  move wether it be the latest dance move or just our on the spot invention we move!

Categories: Music

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Reply bashynsassy
7:28 PM on July 7, 2011 
Totally agree
Reply Dania
7:29 PM on July 7, 2011 
Quite so!!!
Reply c.williams
7:33 PM on July 7, 2011 
Reply Richard Reid
7:36 PM on July 7, 2011 
Dania says...
Quite so!!!

Hmm Dania mind explaining more?

Interesting blog keep writing...
Reply Nika
7:40 PM on July 7, 2011 
Its a great feeling!
Reply Jae
7:46 PM on July 7, 2011 
Know what you mean... you wish that that special song could go on forever.
Reply c.williams
7:48 PM on July 7, 2011 
r.kelly turn back the hands of time. i have alot of time i wish to turn back
Reply R.R
7:54 PM on July 7, 2011 
You are lets
me think about my special one alottt
Reply Leidroc
7:55 PM on July 7, 2011 
For real. Music helps me to destress and clear my mind.
Reply R.R
7:55 PM on July 7, 2011 
c.williams says...

Reply meisha
8:01 PM on July 7, 2011 
real talk!!! muzik is life
Reply J.G
8:18 PM on July 7, 2011 
So right. Music is a universal language.
Reply DD
8:20 PM on July 7, 2011 
pretty emotional girl under all those attitude, one soul and get yuu all emotional....RRRR i agree tho
Reply Dr.Swags
8:28 PM on July 7, 2011 
like this i can relate to this blog good job keep it up !!!!!!!!!
Reply Marcia
8:30 PM on July 7, 2011 
I have been there...hearing a particular song and instantly thinking about that special someone. That warm fuzzy feeling...I've heard songs that makes me go crazy, lose myself and just sway...maad baad!!
Reply kia
8:35 PM on July 7, 2011 
Universal language that is now not appreciated by our youths due to the younger parents embedding music from karteland others in their young minds. Once most of the older folks die out so does those music. REAL THING!!!
Reply AGB
8:43 PM on July 7, 2011 
Turn on some techno and I change from a sad camper to a happy camper
Reply General
8:44 PM on July 7, 2011 
Music wi giyu belly too!!!
Reply kayla
8:47 PM on July 7, 2011 
General says...
Music wi giyu belly too!!!

@ general belly a gud sure it was fun making that belly under some real music!
Reply niki
8:55 PM on July 7, 2011 
tru...Heather Headley In My Mind i love that song so makes me think alot